Image Name Description Price Buy
Bentonite 45um dust 8.0054.00
Cores 1,4mm diameter, 1,0 -1,4mm, better for mixes of lower density 7.0018.00
Cores 1mm diameter 0,7 -1,0mm 7.0018.00
Milling media 1kg ~ 60pcs, ~92% Al2O3, diameter 20mm 40.00180.00
Rice hulls 20.00135.00
Rocket sticks 100cm Beech wood rocket sticks, diameter 8mm, length 95-105cm 45.00180.00
Rocket sticks 60cm Beech wood rocket sticks, diameter 5mm, length 55-65cm, Super price for 100pcs packs! 18.0075.00
Safety glasses 15.00 Add to basket
Safety gloves Latex coated 3.00
Universal indicator papers pH 1-14, 80pcs or 100pcs. depending on current stock 15.00 Add to basket
Wood meal fine powder 8.0018.00