To use our website it is required to read and accept these Regulations. Placing an order, the Customer accepts following regulations:

1. Send us a full address and phone number
2. We accept  payment in advance by bank transfer or PayPal
3. International orders are posted usually up to 4 working days after payment.
4. Please attach the previous message when you reply
5. For wire transfer we accept PLN, EUR, SEK, GBP, USD or other currency on request. In case of PayPal payments we can accept only PLN.
6. We do not place any pyro-signs on the package nor on the waybill
7. Reagents are packaged in sealed, double or triple zipper bags
8. We do not take responsibility for the use of products purchased from our shop but we may ask you about purpose of purchase and in some cases refuse selling.
9. If not full payment will be cleared in our account (for example you made SHA transfer instead of OUR transfer) we can send order equal to shortfall or you can make surcharge
Bulk orders (when wholesale prices are applied) can ba paid by PayPal on special conditions – 4% of handling surcharge will be added or wire transfer without any additional fees.
11. All offered materials are legal in Poland and we are legally operating company but please note that we are not able to check the legal status of any product in any other country. Every country has its own customs regulations on importing of goods. It is your responsibility to check these regulations prior to buying on our website. We do not take responsibility for items held up in customs. You are also obligated to pay all import taxes in your country.
12. Shipping of wholesale quantities (full bags) via courier company (in packages) is not possible. The highest quantity possible to send in one single courier package is 2 x 5 kilograms. Precisely, the limit of  2 x 5 kilograms refers to the maximum volume of one chemical. Of course, you are able to order a  few hazardous substances in one shipment, but the maximum weight of each may be 10 kilograms (2 bags of 5 kilograms each). Wholesale amounts can be sent out only on pallets, with ADR description. Restrictions apply to hazardous substances which are covered by ADR regulations.
13. Sales and sending sodium and potassium per/chlorates to private persons is forbidden. Only B2B transactions for per/chlorates are allowed.

Special regulations for PayPal payments!
We can accept paypal payments on special conditions. You can pay by paypal for orders  up to 2500,00PLN onlyBigger payments have to be made by regular wire transfer. It is not possible to divide payment between PayPal and wire transfer.
Please also note that:
1. You must have a PayPal account registered in one of the APAC countries covered under PayPal’s Seller Protection.
2. The transaction must be paid for in a single payment from one PayPal Account.
3. The item must be shipped to the shipping address stated on the ‘Transaction Details’ page.
4. The transaction must be marked by PayPal as eligible for Seller Protection.
Please note that if your payment won’t be marked as “eligible for Seller Protection” it will be returned. Small fee can be taken.
Please make sure that your address in PayPal is correct. Shipment will be dispatched on exact address from your PayPal account. Any changes cannot be made.

By placing an order at PyroGarage you accept all responsibilities regarding the legality of the ordered products. We are not able to check the legal status of any product in any other country. You are obligated to inform yourself about you local laws, custom regulations and make sure you that ordered product are legal in your country.

By using our website and placing an order, you accept the conditions mentioned above